Monday, 24 July 2017

This Drugstore Lipstick Beauty Hack Works Wonders
When it comes to lips, bold is better.
If you're already daring enough to go for a bright color, then you clearly want it to have a punch. Fuchsia, orange, hot pink, blue, purple—there are so many hues of lipstick, yet a perfect pout is less about the actual color and more about its luminosity. If you want to truly pop, like Winnie Harlow and Lineisy Montero, add one step to your lipstick routine.

To get the quality results of a designer lip product, create a pigmented base before applying lipstick using the exact same product. Confused? Watch the video above! 
Step 1: Apply a bright lipstick. We used the L'Oreal Colour Richie Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose.
Step 2: Blot lips using blotting sheets, like the Milk Makeup Roll + Blot, to remove excess oil, leaving a foundation of bright color.
Step 3: Apply a second coat of lipstick. 
A pretty pout has never been so easy!

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