Wednesday, 12 July 2017

10 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life
In a busy summer full of parties, barbecues, and Instagrammable trips to the beach, we want to look our best…but we also don’t want to spend a ton of time (or money!) trying to get there.

That’s why i am obsessed with beauty hacks: handy, “I can’t believe I didn’t know about these” tips and tricks that can quickly help you pull double duty with items around the house, as well as easily solve any beauty issue that might pop up.
Here, 10 of the coolest beauty hacks that will change your life.

Use toilet seat wipes from the bathroom as oil-blotting sheets
If you’re out and about, at some point during the summer evening you will likely retire to the bathroom — and you just mind find that your face has begun to resemble an oil-slick. If so, fret not; simply dab at it with a toilet seat wipe, and you’ll be fresh as a daisy.

Use an anti-chafing gel as a face primer
Beauty aficionados and YouTubers alike swear by Monistat Chafing Relief Anti-Chafing Gel, which is silicone-based,the same ingredient that gives many of the top department store primers its lasting staying power. Bonus: it’s only $6.

Make perfume last longer
If you’re sick of perfume fading by the end of the day, there’s an easy way to make sure it stays for hours: Vaseline. By applying petroleum jelly to your pulse points (any body cream will work, really) and then spritzing the perfume on top, the combination will ensure the scent lasts longer.

Soak a cotton ball in milk
This age-old trick will not only have calm redness and irritation post-waxing or if you’ve received a bug bite, but it can also be applied to your eyes as de-puffing compresses.

Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair before going to the beach
Many women pay big bucks at the salon for heat-based conditioning treatments to make damaged hair extra soft and silky. Get the same effect yourself by applying leave-in conditioner to your hair and then rolling it into a bun or braids before hitting the beach, pool, or an outdoor barbecue. Not only will it help keep your color from fading in the sun, but it works as a repairing leave-in treatment with the heat — and when you take your hair down, you’ll have soft, natural-looking waves: triple win. Try Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage and Anti-Frizz Leave In Conditioner.

Blend liquid foundation with a sock
This trick made the social media/YouTube rounds recently and blew beauty aficionados’ minds. If you’re used to using a BeautyBlender with your liquid makeup, you can get the same smoothing effect by taking a clean sock, rolling it into a ball, and blending. Seriously. It works.

Apply a layer of anti-perspirant to your heels
If you’re about to wear a pair of new shoes but haven’t broken them in yet, you might be dreading the inevitable blisters that often form. Don’t. Instead, apply a little bit of anti-perspirant to your heels and around the side of your foot. It’ll create an occlusive layer and help prevent those painful blisters from forming in the first place — athletes swear by this trick.

Apply anti-perspirant to your underarms before sleep
Speaking of anti-perspirant, you’re doing it all wrong: you should apply it before going to bed, not in the morning after showering. This will allow it enough time to soak in, all the way down to your sweat glands, and will dramatically improve its effectiveness. Worried it will wash off in the morning with your AM shower? Don’t be: by the time you wake up, it will have penetrated deeply enough.

Laundry starch spray can double as dry shampoo

Don’t have enough time to wash your hair, but realize that you’ve run out of dry shampoo? Check your linen closet. If you have a can of laundry starch spray on hand, it can double as dry shampoo, giving oily, grimy hair the same dirt-zapping treatment as the traditional beauty stuff.

Cover gray hairs with mascara

If you have roots growing in but not enough time to make it to the salon, use a brown or black mascara and swipe it over the grays growing in. (Obviously, use a tube that mostly matches your hair color!)

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