Sunday, 2 July 2017

Rewarded With Great Results
Hard work does pay off! I know…I know, we live in an insta-age where everything happens in milliseconds, but the fact still remains that some things are best earned slowly, steadily, and over time.

Like getting fit, for example. No pain no gain. Yes, sure, most of what we want could be achieved at a plastic surgeon’s office (not that doing so is a crime), but the reason we typically would pursue the easier method is because we want to avoid enduring the painstaking work the alternative requires.
Then there is the subject of love and relationships. Love is patient, kind, requires communication and commitment. All forms of love necessitate these principles. To some, commitment means work; to others, commitment is just the expression of the love felt. Either way, effort is required to nurture the love shared and make it last.
Consistent, dedicated effort requires discipline, and discipline (despite modern day hype) renders wonderful results. This is true whether you are parenting, growing a business, reinventing yourself – whatever your aspirations. Stick with it. Stay with it. Most of all, in due season, expect to reap the well-earned rewards, which simply are the results of your undying dedication.

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