Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Metal Of A Woman
The metallic trend that sparked a flame in the fashion world many seasons ago has since surpassed everyone’s expectations, spreading like wildfire in every facet of the style world. You name it, they’ve made it in silver, rose, and yellow gold hues. Copper-colored couture pieces, platinum pumps, and seemingly solid gold sneakers are just a few of the fabulous finds that can quickly transform a simple and  beautiful #OOTD into a lavish, ultra-luxe look.

As we know art (fashion included) often imitates life and can expose a deeper social interest or movement in a more subtle way. At face value, it could be said that in an era where the fastest growing population of millionaires and billionaires are individuals under the age of 40, due largely to technological ingenuity like Facebook, Google, etc., the answer is obvious: We are obsessed with the acquisition of opulence and wealth! Nonetheless, I would venture to say that while this may very well be true, there is a deeper human desire more prevalent than the preoccupation with wealth. It’s none other than being intrinsically valued. We all want to be esteemed, appreciated, and regarded as invaluable. No human on earth truly seeks to be overlooked, forgotten, or ignored. Even those who profess not to often do so by seeking a roundabout form of recognition, achieved by alternative means.
The interesting notion with this tenacious trend is that adorning ourselves outwardly with glorious, glamorous metals is a quick fix. It’s not one that I am opposed to, but I also understand the true and inherent value of an individual or a relationship that realizes their worth the good ol’ fashioned way, through testing and fiery trials. As seen with the scrutinizing of silver, gold, platinum, titanium, the authentic metal of a woman is revealed through their ability to remain consistently great when the going gets rough. They do not need to be perfect necessarily, but resilient, exemplary, and ultimately triumphant in their actions. That’s when we as human beings truly shine!
So if you find yourself in a difficult time, don’t despair or take the easy way out. Trust and understand that the circumstance is producing a great wherewithal that, in time, like precious metal, will reveal your immeasurable worth.

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