Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cuffed Jeans Are Making a Comeback

ESC: Kendall Jenner
Who even hems anymore?
Cuffed denim is making a serious comeback. This season—thanks to style stars like Kendall Jenner—the key to the perfect fitting jeans isn't a trip to the seamstress, but rather a simple roll of the wrist (well, in most cases, the jeans come pre-rolled...but still).
So jump on this new, budding trend's bandwagon (because before you know it everyone and their moms will be wearing them), and invest in a stylin' pair.
Even Kate Bosworth's doing it!
ESC: Kate Bosworth
What are you waiting for?
ESC: Thassia Naves
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Become an extreme-cuffer like blogger Thássia Naves and get shopping all our spring favorites already!
Your tailor won't be happy about it, but your bank account will.

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