Monday, 30 January 2017

Bask & Bathe
Through trial and error, each of us has learned a few hard life lessons. We’ve also all disappointed someone, or even ourselves, at some point, falling short of expectations or our desired achievement. When these moments occur, or later on in life when the memory of those incidents resurface, it can cause us to feel melancholy, a deep sense of condemnation, or worse, a paralyzing degree of failure.

I’ve been there, you’ve been there, someone you know and love has certainly been there, perhaps more than we ever desire to share. The first step in overcoming these moments is recognizing that we are not alone in experiencing them. These occasional periods of seeming defeat or inadequacy are all a part of our human existence. They sharpen our wisdom when facing future situations and (hopefully) intensify our level of compassion when encountering individuals battling similar experiences.
The second step in moving beyond these moments is recognizing that redemption is a gift available to us all. It is acquired by way of forgiveness, which is perhaps the most significant part of moving on and letting go of guilt. We must forgive ourselves, as well as those who may have played a part in painful situations. Forgiveness is the only way to release and let go of these overwhelming feelings.
Once we’ve forgiven ourselves (and sometimes we must remind ourselves numerous times that we’ve done so), we then must focus our time, energy, and attention on the new opportunities that await us. We are each showered with new mercies and gracious privileges every day. With every dawn, divinity is alerting us that we have been given a clean slate and the chance to lavishly indulge in living a better life. Once we recognize the extravagant blessing a new day, a next breath, or a new possibility brings, we should both loll and immerse ourselves in the splendor and joy of these treasures.
Successful people have discovered that what we tend to meditate or focus on the most in our lives, manifests itself the most in our lives. By relishing these exciting moments longer than those that have been disappointing, we can habitually maximize life’s highs and drastically minimize its lows. So, I encourage you to do just that in the days, weeks, and months to come. Bask and bathe in every great moment, opportunity, and relationship that comes your way. You’ll be surprised how much blissful memories will begin to multiply!

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