Monday, 30 January 2017

Gucci Teases Potential All Black Pre-Fall 2017 Ad Campaign: Cool or Problematic?

gucci-all-black-ad-campaignIt’s a crazy time in the world right now. Trump has implemented travel bans, thus creating even more division and upset in the world.
Meanwhile, fashion brands like Gucci are pushing for more inclusivity. The hugely popular Italian house released a series of audition tapes for their Pre-Fall 2017 ad campaign, and it seems only black models were invited to the casting call.
Subjects were asked to discuss their spirit animals, and even told to show off their dance moves.

At first glance, the concept seemed cool. In 2016, i dubbed Gucci The Brand of the Year, and it’s great to see a European house make a concerted effort to reflect the diversity of the world and most importantly its customers. The dancing part made me go Hmmm….the whole charade seemed reductive and problematic. What does dancing have to do with their modeling skills?

Of course it could all be in fun. Maybe the Pre-Fall 2017 campaign will also have a music video component? If not. Hmm…

What do you think?

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