Thursday, 26 January 2017

Beauty Dupes: How To Score Designer Products For Less
When it comes to living lavishly on a budget, it’s about mastering the kind of eye that can spot couture quality, but for less. On wonderfully rare occasions, the more affordable impostor is not even an impostor— it’s basically the same exact product (sometimes even made by the same company) but repackaged under a different name. I call this the beauty dupe.

To keep us from being duped any further, I put omy keen eyes out on the hunt and dug up some fancy brands and found their long lost identical twin versions for nearly half the price.
These gentle cotton wipes are equally luxurious to the touch, but Shiseido’s facial cotton will only cost you half the price for the same sweet service.
ColourPop Cosmetics matte lipsticks feature the same pout-inducing prowess as Kylie’s Lip Kits.
The only difference you’ll be able to detect with these intoxicating scents is the price.
These two face creams are packed with comparable powerful anti-aging ingredients.
These two sharp eyeliners create quite the optical illusion– same product, different price!

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