Monday, 23 January 2017

The Grace to Struggle
Whether all persons in this country have benefited from it or not, there is something to be said about the need to declare ones right to independence and freedom. Minorities of all walks of life (gender, race, socio economic status, etc.) know all too well that America is guilty of gross hypocrisy and double standards.
However, we all hang in there and fight to carve a space for ourselves in this country along with those we love because of the ideals on which the nation was founded. At our very core, those beliefs resonate with every human being that has an inkling of self worth.
The pursuit of such principles is always a costly one, whether you are fighting to achieve them in a global context, nationally, or the microcosm of your local communities. They even exist within family dynamics. Freedom is expensive. Man’s basic instinct is to be self serving. When power and greed enter the equation, manipulation is sure to follow! Understand this, as you strive to become, shine your light, and make the world you live in more peaceful, there will be supernatural grace given to you to endure the struggles you will face.
When I think about world leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, his wife Coretta, Ghandi, and so many others who sacrificed their lives for liberty, they were endowed with a grace to struggle. I can find equally compelling examples in the backyard of my own upbringing; my very own grandmother and parents endured many a hardship to steer me along a path that made me into the woman I am today. I promise you, there is a grace to struggle. I was a single mother for many years and many of you know the difficulty that comes with raising a family all on your own. Even in that, there was divine assistance that carried me through those years.
People may see me now and conclude my life is struggle free but it’s simply not true. While I have crossed certain struggles off my life’s list, I face those that remain with the assurance that I am not alone and they can never overtake me. Continue to fight for your independence and freedom, trusting that the reward for your efforts will be great. And perhaps, most importantly remember: until you taste the sweetness of victory, there is an amazing grace in your life to endure every struggle.

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