Friday, 20 January 2017

Kim Kardashian's Corset Style Has Hit a Topshop Near You

ESC: Kim Kardashian
Straight off the Balmain runway, into Kim Kardashian's closet...and now onto the shelves of your local Topshop.

The Kards have long been loud and proud about their love of waist trainers—we tried one, and it was interesting to say the least—so when KKW stepped out in an actual corset, it wasn't completely unexpected.
However, what was innovative about the look was the mogul's choice to pair a loose-fitting, oversized tee underneath the uncomfortable-looking, near-torture device (and the above occasion wasn't the first time—exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c).
ESC: Corset Top
Well, now Topshop is capitalizing on the trend by selling its very own version (which is way more user-friendly than the Kardashian-Jenner iteration)—and it's only $68.
The debatable wardrobe must-have is essentially just a plain white tee with some extra fabric (for added length) and instead of involving a separate corset piece, the top features a corset-style overlay that ties in the middle for optimal cinching at the waist.
Topshop Corset T-Shirt Tunic, $68
ESC: Hailey Baldwin
Timur Emek/Getty Images
So what's your stance on the trending topic? Will you be sipping that Hailey Baldwin, corset-endorsing Kool-Aid? Or will you be sitting this one out?

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