Monday, 30 January 2017

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Answers Questions About Marriage And Plastic Surgery

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Tameka “Tiny” Harris jumped on social media to answer the burning questions of her fans. During the gab session the 41-year-old revealed a couple of things— including the state of her marriage.
“I don’t need to go back to T.I.,” she says to a question about her reconciling with her husband T.I.
“He needs to come back to me, baby. I’m where I’m suppose to be at… I’m going into this movie [Sleepless], to support this man of mines. You know it’s a good movie. Jamie Foxx in there, Gabrielle Union, T.I.”
She also responds to someone who wants to go to Canada to sleep with T.I. “Well go to Canada then. B**ch, you got the wrong one. Who you talking to?! Go to Canada and find out [if it’s big], with your ugly ass.”
She also responds to criticism of looking like Miss Piggy because of all her plastic surgery.
“Let me tell y’all something, that Miss Piggy sh*t, that don’t mea sh*t to me. Miss Piggy is that b**ch! Imma make a motherf**king shirt and put Miss Piggy on that hoe to let y’all know I don’t give a f**k about that. What the f**k is wrong with y’all dumb a**es? Y’all so got damn stupid. That’s so old and goddamn about nothing. Missy Piggy is a bad b**ch just like me motherf**ker… I love y’all though.”
And there you have it.

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