Thursday, 23 March 2017

Julianne Hough's Eyes Always Look Insanely Blue, Thanks to This Guy

ESC: Julianne Hough
In this no-nonsense guide, Hollywood's biggest makeup artists breaks down the basics to recreating their signature looks. This week, eye makeup extraordinaire Spencer Barnes shares his philosophy and a few favorite products.
The late fashion editor Diana Vreeland famously once said "the eye has to travel"—a beauty philosophy that Spencer Barnes keeps in mind when he has some of Hollywood's most recognizable women in his makeup chair, including his client of nearly a decade, Julianne Hough.
The Dancing With the Stars pro is known to sport captivating eye makeup that catches others' eyes, from the smoky to the theatrical. Every beauty look seemingly accentuates her baby blues even more.
To prep the eye area for any kind of mesmerizing look, Barnes suggested starting with a strong eye shadow base. His personal favorite? Eye Silk by Beauty by Piret, which locks in the color and smooths out the lid.
As for shade selection, that all depends on the kind of look he and Hough are going for each time, whether it's a minimal look for a red carpet appearance or a full face for the televised stage.
As Barnes told E! News, every woman can rely on a solid collection of neutral shadow colors, including an assortment of browns with various undertones, champagnes, golds, plums and brownish purples. "That's going to be a good range of colors anyone can work with," he advised.
If you're in the market for a new eye shadow palette, Lorac's PRO palettes are among his most used. As for eyeliner, Merle Norman Soft Touch Eye Pencils are at the top of Barnes' list for their bendable, long-lasting formulas and wide range of shades.
If you want to punch up your eye makeup with primary colors, Barnes said shades of purple, olive and blue can be easy to work with, particularly along the lash line. Still, he doesn't believe any color is "off limits" as long as you pay attention to color theory, skin tone and the style of your application.  
Overall, when crafting a vibrant look, heed Barnes' advice: "Pick one feature," he told E! News. "That way you have a balanced look. It will still be fresh and that way you're not feeling like you're completely painted up."
Pro Tip: To add further definition to an eye look, reach for a pair of false lashes. For a custom fit, opt for individual flares. When Barnes wants to use a strip lash, but is worried about it being too heavy on his client's eye, he trims down the width of the band so it's lightweight. Your eyes will thank you.
ESC: No-Nonsense Guide to Mesmerizing Eyes Market
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ESC: No-Nonsense Guide to Mesmerizing Eyes Market
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ESC: No-Nonsense Guide to Mesmerizing Eyes Market
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ESC: No-Nonsense Guide to Mesmerizing Eyes Market
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