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5 Real-Life Ways to Use Healing Crystals Like Lucy Hale, Victoria Beckham & More

ESC: Lucy Hale
Once upon a time, we all laughed at Spencer Pratt for taking a liking to healing crystals.
Now, some five years later, we're all doing it. OK, maybe you're not yet sold on the ancient practice yourself, but gemstones are definitely having a moment in Hollywood.Adele credited her "bloody crystals" for one of the best comeback performances she's ever had, Katy Perry turned to them when she was going through her divorce with Russell Brand, Lucy Hale (a once non-believer) keeps them sprinkled around her house and Victoria Beckham has admitted to carrying them in her purse while she travels.

But those are just a few instances in which celebs are incorporating crystals in their everyday lives.
Still confused on how it works? It's easier than you think. "Crystal therapy is the belief that certain gemstones have certain healing powers, and you should pick them out based on whatever ones you're drawn to," noted celeb gem expert and Själ Skincare founder Kristin Petrovich. You can drink them, hold them, leave them on your desk, give yourself a massage with them—the list goes on. Even better, what stone you use and the way you use it will yield different results.
For curious believers and non-believers alike, the pro shared her personal favorite stones and a few tips on how you can use them in a realistic way.

If you look and feel exhausted...

ESC: Crystals
Name: Hematite
Known For: A beautiful gunmetal stone with iron and oxygenating properties; great for depuffing, stimulating circulation and energizing
Directions: Gently apply a generous amount of eye cream or oil around eye orbital area. Taking the hematite stone in your hand, apply light to medium pressure starting at your inner eye, hold for three seconds, then move to a new point and begin to slowly make a circle around entire eye orbital. Perform three times, then bring hematite down to your outer nostril on one side of your nose press and breath. Next take the stone below the collarbone press and breath. You should feel a clearing around the eye and sinus area. (Repeat as needed.)

If you need to get out of your head...

ESC: Crystals
Name: Black Tourmaline
Known for: Grounding properties
Directions: Take two different dark stones such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian or hematite and place one in each shoe or simply under the soles of your feet. This will help pull your energy into the ground, making you feel more centered, grounded and focused. Bonus: You can also place them around or near your computer to protect against EMFS or Electromagnetic Frequency.

If you want to get rid of bad vibes...

ESC: Crystals
Name: Clear Quartz
Known for: Energy-clearing abilities used to amplify energy
Directions: Place a clear quartz in the palm of each hand. Point the one in the left hand toward your body (to signify energy coming in). The one in the right hand should point outward or away from your body (to signify energy going out). This creates a circle or wheel of energy, producing a balancing effect throughout the body. Hold the pointed tops for 15-20 minutes and breathe.

If you're in the mood to relax and de-stress...

ESC: Crystals
Name: Amethyst
Known for: Nature's tranquilizer; a healing stone good for skin inflammation
Directions: Try using an amethyst (or even a rose quartz) and gently place it on your temples, applying medium pressure. Take a deep breath and repeat. Next, using the same stone, perform extremely small, gentle circles on the brow chakra or third eye (think: the weight of a feather or raindrop), and feel yourself going into a tranquil or meditative state. You can also place larger ones around your house, like Lucy Hale, for the same effect calming. 

If you're seeking happiness...

ESC: Crystals
Name: Watermelon Tourmaline
Known for: Self-love and inner peace
Directions: Try taking a rose quartz and placing it in your bra, near your heart chakra. If you want to take it to the next level, try a watermelon tourmaline. Its electrical properties are great for the heart. The green color helps to pull out negative emotions, while the pink tourmaline helps to soothe.
If this practice speaks to you and you feel like you're just getting started, check out Kristin's book, Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life, which delves into the topic further.
Go on, get your zen on!

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