Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Next: Prepare for a Bright Future

Happy New Year!!! We’ve all been encouraged to live in the moment; grab life by the horns. While this is definitely true, people who manage to sustain relevancy and success somehow manage to have their ears, eyes, hearts, and minds set on what’s next.

They challenge themselves to be present, but more importantly: forward-thinking. If they work with a team, they surround themselves with creative minds and challenge those minds to think ahead. Far too often, the future and its many opportunities catch us off guard. But the visionaries, the trailblazers of every imaginable industry – from education to fashion, technology to art – dwell in a space miles ahead of the present.
Wherever you are today, give some real thought to how you can build a brighter, better tomorrow. Can you build upon the momentum you’ve gained in your career, relationship, or health? If so, devise a plan. Either a quick one by jotting notes of your next series of moves in your phone, or if more strategizing is required, put the time in. Write out a full fledged plan. Seek the advice you need to succeed.
As we take on the excitement of a brand new year, remember it’s true that tomorrow is not promised to any one of us; but one of the ways we demonstrate an appreciation for its possibility, is by being adequately prepared for its likely arrival.

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