Thursday, 5 January 2017

R. Kelly Appears in Alexander Wang’s Spring 2017 Campaign: Can the Public Ever Forgive His Transgressions?

wang-kelly-richie-620x413-r-kelly-alexander-wang-spring-2017-campaignR. Kelly appears in Alexander Wang’s Spring 2017 Digital Campaign, alongside Anna Ewers. The images, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, have already raised a few eyebrows, with dozens of  people questioning Wang’s choice in subjects.
@Bling_Goddess wrote, “Bad choice!!! Talented, but a sicko with perverted activity with children!!! Who thought this was a good mix?”
Still, others like @Kennethia_ said, “This is a nice campaign and people need to get over the past because the same people I see judging in these comments probably still listen to Chris brown so stfu.” @BrittanyMonae added, “Why are yall on here criticizing this man from the past, hello oh I forgot everyone’s perfect and hasn’t made any mistakes .. damnnnnn yall kills me.” On Alexander Wang’s page, @theonedinline added, “Funny how no-one has a word to say about Jack Gilinsky dating Madison Beer at 15 or Liam Hemworth and Miley Cyrus when she was that age too. I’m NO fan of Kelly by any means, but why is no-one ever outraged over Sean Penn, Polanski, Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, James Caan, Rob Lowe, and so many more huge white Hollywood names. People only ever come after non-whites we don’t like. It’s easy targeting and it’s BS to be honest. “
In 2014, i published images from a shoot featuring R. Kelly and Irina Shayk. Similar comments poured in, with readers typing, “R Kelly is a monster and a criminal, responsible for ruining many young women’s lives. Read up on him. Surprised any magazine would feature him. I don’t understand why he gets a pass. Seeing his face makes me nauseous.”
I did a bit of research and uncovered this Village Voice article, outlining R. Kelly’s alleged transgressions. He was accused of 14 counts of child pornography in 2008, but was found not guilty.
R. Kelly has stayed out of trouble since then, continues to make hits, and rarely poses for editorials. Still, every time he makes an appearance, he is called a monster and a pedophile.
I’m not judge and jury on this one, and don’t know all the details of his case. And though I’ll certainly receive some heat for typing this, I love his music.
Can the public ever forgive R. Kelly?

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