Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Right Routines’ve all seen them. Movers, shakers, trailblazing individuals who interrupt our cultural status quo with their innovative ideas and exceptional talent. Serena Williams, Mark Zukerberg, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Steve Harvey… These are the famous personalities, but there are countless unknown others who ascend their particular ladder of success by way of the same keen vision, consistent hard work, and relentless determination.

When you peer in to the life of any successful individual whether famous or unknown, you quickly note these are the ‘a’ typical common factors. What’s interesting to me, however, is when perring even more intimately into the lives of these individuals  there are another set of factors equally as recurring often overlooked. Perhaps more significant then successful people’s general nature and unique God given talent, are their regular routines.
Often characterized as tedious, idle work, the value and emphasis placed on our daily routines has somehow been grossly underestimated. In most biographies and inspiring testimonials, our tendency is to hang on the edge of our seat in anticipation of hearing about the miraculous turn of events, or that one sensational moment when the stars were aligned and a breakthrough finally happened. But I have found that these supernatural moments are proceeded by countless moments of constant regimen.
What do you do every day either consciously or unconsciously? Whatever it is, it is shaping your future. If you’re doing what you’ve always done you will continue to get what you’ve always had. Equally as important are the things we choose to not to do, or neglect yo do on a regular basis, in determining life’s outcome down the road.
As we take on the excitement and momentum of a promising new year, instead of focusing on a set of resolutions only, let’s take some time to create a list of routines that will inevitably help move us closer toward year end goals. When working with mentors this year or studying the lives of other successful people, let’s pay close attention to their routines and borrow them if similar results are desired.
Most of the folks I mentioned earlier in this piece have financial, health and fitness, as well as social, even recreational routines (to say nothing of what they do regularly to enhance and evolve their careers). A little goes a long way. A little, consistently, over time, goes a very long way. So this year, let’s all commit to identifying and implementing the right routines. At the end of the year, we’ll assess how far we’ve come.

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